Countertop Material Options



Besides being a naturally beautiful stone, granite makes the ideal countertop choice due to its durability, resistance, and wear.  Being a natural substance formed within the earth’s crust, granite is endowed with certain characteristics which make it scratch proof, heat proof, and virtually stain proof with proper care. There are over 200 naturally occurring granite colors, ensuring that there is a stone to match every taste and budget. 


Quartz is a man-made, non-porous, stain and scratch-resistant material that makes beautiful countertops. Unlike granite, Quartz does not need to be sealed to maintain its non-porous characteristics. It is therefore a product of choice in medical facilities, schools, hospitals, food service industry, and other businesses where long-lasting durability, hygiene and design flexibility are essential. Due to its ease of maintenance, Quartz is becoming a favorite countertop material for residential homes as well. 


Although marble is exceptionally beautiful, it is very porous and easily scratches and stains. Because of this, it is not recommended for kitchen countertops. However, it is an excellent choice for areas which are not used often.